Hi, I'm Austin Watts.


The story behind this campaign began when my wife and I first moved to Westminster last year during the pandemic. On our way into the city for the first time we were enamored with the mountain view and how much less traffic there was, when we saw a gentleman with a sign at the city’s entrance off of highway 36. He was homeless and looking for a few dollars on a chilly night. It wasn’t long before we noticed he wasn’t the only one, either. We became aware after driving around the city in our first few weeks here. And then just as we were settling in and feeling comfortable, my wife’s vehicle was stolen from the Ascent parking garage in downtown Westminster. That day was the unofficial start to this campaign, because my wife and I took that event very personally. Rather than letting these issues deter us or make us want to pack up and leave, we decided we wanted to fight for our new home that we've come to love. We've noticed the people suffering in this community on a daily basis. Those homeless on the streets, business owners barely getting by during COVID restrictions, and even crowds of the water warriors encouraging local citizens to take action. We see you and we hear you. That is why we are running. To correct these issues and others with a modern vision for what Westminster can be.  



I’m a proud Coloradan who lives downtown off of Westminster Boulevard. The namesake street where you can see both the gorgeous front range, and the Denver skyline, simultaneously. I take that view in every day, and I swear that it never gets old. That’s because for me, I’m not used to such an awe-inspiring view. You see, while I’m a proud Colorado resident, I was born and raised in the state of Florida. I grew up in an impoverished town called Fort Pierce, where I was raised in a divorced household. I lived with my single father primarily from the time I was 7 until I graduated college, and during those 13 years, I saw what it’s like struggling to make ends meet. When as a parent you have to decide between a water bill or school clothes. Whether or not you’re going to go hungry tonight in order for your children to eat. I’ve watched my dad make those choices several times. I also know what it’s like to see a loved one homeless; out on the streets and you don’t know where they are. Praying that they’re safe and won’t relapse or overdose on opioids again. These devastating issues plague communities regardless of where you’re from or who you are. I say this to highlight that no matter how long we’ve all been Westminster residents, the best candidate for Mayor will be the one that clearly sees the issues and wants to correct them for the people that call this home.



I want Westminster to be a city of inclusion. One where neighbors are cordial, differences in opinion are respected, and solutions are collaborative. Regardless of who you elect to city council, I give you my word that I will work with them to ensure we are serving you to the best of our abilities. I bring honesty, integrity, and compassion with me everywhere I go. And should I earn the privilege of being elected your Mayor, I vow to bring those values with me everyday I serve you in office. 




believe it's important to get to know candidates as people, too.

Here's what I enjoy outside of campaign life.